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Super Salts Magnesium Oil

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My 9 Year old son has suffered severe night terrors for the past 2 years. We have tried everything from Hypnotherapy, comfort sleeping, limiting time on devices, scary movies, watching what he eats, strict bed times - Everything but drugging him to sleep.
We saw and brought a bottle of your magnesium oil over the summer holidays from a market at Cowes, Phillip Island. I didn’t have much hope that it would work as we have tried other different sorts of sleep sprays.

Jacinta K

I seriously can’t live with my magnesium oil now, if I forget to use it I miss it. And if I go away camping or stay somewhere overnight it comes with me. It’s now part of my nightly routine 6 sprays on my tummy before bed and I’ve found my nights sleep is so much better. I’ve been using this about 3 months now. I would highly recommend this product helped with my sleep, anxiety, muscle recovery and my headaches don’t seem as frequent.

Jenny B

I keep my magnesium oil next to my bed so I never forget to spray it on before I go to sleep. It helps me sleep without night cramping, has reduced the frequency of hot flushes and completely stopped the hip pain I get when the temperature drops at night. I can’t recommend it enough! Try it, you will be so impressed with this amazing product.

Glynis M
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