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Magnesium oil can be used in various ways depending on your condition. Following is a list of most frequently asked questions that may help you understand where and how to apply it

What is Magnesium oil ?

It is a formula of magnesium chloride and alkalised water, designed to be applied for topical use as it absorbs  directly into the bloodstream, you don’t lose  any of the wonderful mineral on the absorption. You also have the added benefit of being able to isolate problem areas to achieve more targeted results.


 For prevention rub onto cramp prone areas daily/nightly

Joint Pain: 

You can spray directly onto the affected area to reduce pain

Restless legs: 

Spray onto the legs and massage in just before bed time. Shower before applying the magnesium and do not wash your legs after applying it for at least 30 minutes for full absorption.


apply to base of skull/back of neck and across forehead (avoid contact with your eyes) to help while suffering and long term to prevent headaches.

Sleep / Insomnia, stress, anxiety:

The best place to spray is your stomach or soles of your feet just before bedtime.

Muscle recovery: 

Spray on affected areas , rub in and allow to absorb. Helps to reduce muscle soreness.

Is it meant to tingle:

Yes that's completely normal, its your body absorbing the magnesium and this will lesson with each use. If the tingle feels to intense you can also dilute with purified water.

Is it safe for kids:

Yes, its actually a lot easier to maintain kids magnesium levels through magnesium oil as nothing needs to be swallowed and has great benefits for growing pains and children's sleep. For smaller children reduce the required amount by half and apply to the soles of their feet.

Is it safe for use during pregnancy:

Yes, its safe for pregnancy and its an important time to maintain  your magnesium levels.

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